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Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

Are you buying a property, changing a land’s use, developing a land, or rehabilitating contaminated lands? Is your bank, lending institution or local municipality requiring that you complete an environmental assessment before you can move forward? Then contact OGEE Solutions Inc., where we can help you with:

  • Phase One (I) ESA
  • Phase Two (II) ESA
  • Records of Site Condition (RSCs)

OGEE Solutions Inc. provides assessments for the completion of environmental liability checks during land transactions or developments.

It is important to understand which ESA you require.  The most common type of ESA request is a Phase I ESA.  This is typically requested by banks or lending institutions during land transactions or developments, and conforms to CSA Standard Z768-01.  A Phase I ESA is non-intrusive and is mainly composed of a document review followed by a site reconnaissance.  If a Phase I ESA identifies an environmental concern, then a Phase II ESA is requested.  This is completed in accordance with CSA Standard Z769-00 and mainly differs from a Phase I ESA in that it is intrusive in nature. Environmental sampling is completed at this stage to identify contaminants of concern, their extent and potential remediation strategies.

While the term “Phase III” is not described by standards or regulations, some refer to the remediation stage of a project as a Phase III.

If, on the other hand, you are developing a land or wish to change the land use, a municipality or local authority may request a Phase One Environmental Site Assessment in accordance with Ontario Regulation 153/04.

While the basis of this type of assessment is the same as its CSA counterpart, this Phase One is created with the potential filing of a Record of Site Condition (RSC) under Ontario’s Environmental Registry in mind.  The filing of an RSC can be completed after a Phase One ESA has concluded that there are no environmental concerns at the property; or, if a Phase Two ESA has concluded same; or, if a Phase Two ESA has resulted in remediation work carried out and the contaminants of concern (COCs) have been identified and removed (and/or risk assessed) from the property to the criteria applicable by the Regulation.

The price of each service varies depending on the size of the property, property use, contaminants identified and their extent, as well as the site layout and geology, amongst other factors.

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