OGEE Solutions Inc.

Spill Remediation

Mr. Gonzalez has been involved in more than a hundred spill remediations over his 15+ years of experience in the field, varying from small residential files to large commercial/industrial spill assessments, remediations and filing of necessary information with regulatory authorities.  At OGEE Solutions Inc. we understand the need to maintain good documentation of events and evidence, and we work with you to provide guidance and training so that you can too identify potential environmental issues related to your property.  We believe that awareness, education, and the integration of preventive measures are key elements in the prevention of spills.  While the common approach to remediation relies on dealing with the symptoms and aftermath of the contamination, OGEE Solutions Inc. aims to deal with the source itself and eliminate the root of the problem.

Our clients include fuel systems owners, insurers, environmental contractors, fuel system installers, roadside spill cleanup specialists, amongst other industries.  Our knowledge of the Fuel Code, B139-09 and environmental regulations allows us to provide advice that can save you thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.  We emphasize the need to address spills as soon as possible, keeping the environment and public safety in mind first.  Immediate action can greatly decrease overall costs to you and impacts to the environment.  OGEE Solutions Inc. works to provide you with a solution and connections that can bring a spill remediation from onset to completion.  We understand that each site is different, and each approach needed must also be tailored to the conditions found. We bring the contaminated property back to its pre-loss conditions using the most cost- and time-effective approach.

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